Project Name: I Am Not Your Negro  
Client: Mirhez Images

I Am Not Your Negro 

Inspired by James Baldwin's unfinished manuscript, Remember This House, a collection of notes and letters written by Baldwin in the mid-1970s.[6] The documentary I Am Not Your Negro includes some of Baldwin's thoughts on the lives and deaths of his close friends and civil rights leaders Medgar Evers (assassinated in 1963), Malcolm X (assassinated in 1965), and Martin Luther King Jr. (assassinated in 1968). In the documentary, the voice of Samuel Jackson softly reading James Baldwin's notes clarify his intention in writing this manuscript: "I want these 3 lives to bang against and reveal each other, as in truth they did, and use their dreadful journey as a means of instructing the people whom they loved so much...and for whom they gave their lives..." [taking on "the lies and the hope of a nation"].One of the most interesting revelations about this documentary it reveals the present day America. Our suppose to be diverse society still struggles with the race and class ,rich and poor, good and evil and most of all reverence to God. The day when all of us can firmly stand on the power of God's word then and only then will we live. In the 42 years since Mr Baldwins manuscript the formula necessary to make ths diverse nation palatable (an action or proposal, acceptable or satisfactory)has eluded us by way of our arrogance, fear and greed. Our narcissistic (infated since of self importance) disorder that is present in some of our politics and culture tend to remove us from the love necessary to heal this nation of its ills. May God have mercy on our souls. Limited Edition Print 15